PLC Sales

Modicon PLC has a wide selection of Schneider Electric Modicon PLC's in stock and ready to ship today.

Quantum PLCs are well known for their scalability and modular architecture which is both easy to configure and robust enough for all of your automation needs. Quantum is one of the most successful product lines designed by Modicon, creators of the first PLC's. Schneider Electric promises the same level of expertise that Modicon delivered before their acquisition.

Quantum controllers can meet all of your factory line automation needs, including:

  • I/O Capacity
  • Programming Memory
  • Communications

Additionally, Quantum delivers robust features in every 140-CPU:

  • SRAM with Battery to retain programs and data upon power loss
  • Memory Protect switch to prevent inadvertent changes during operation
  • LED Status Indicators to enable easy troubleshooting and instant diagnostics

Modicon Compact Controllers are well known as some of the best low-cost options on the market, and are also very easy to install. They are a great solution for applications with less demanding environments and performance requirements. Compact Controllers are part of the larger 984 family so they implement a common instruction set for developing user logic, are compatible with the optional Modbus Plus communication functions, and also support the standard Modbus communication capability.

Compact Controllers also share these parts of the 984 architecture:

  • Memory Section to store user logic, state RAM, and battery backed CMOS RAM
  • I/O Processing to direct signal flow from input modules to state RAM
  • Communications section with one or more port interfaces

Systems Engineering Capabilities

Modicon PLC's Applications Programming Group has significant man-years of experience in Modicon programming. We are competitively priced to accomplish a variety of Schneider projects. Our skill set includes the following areas:

  • Recovery Boiler
  • Distillation Columns
  • Conveying Systems
  • Extruders & Spinning Lines
  • Building Alarms
  • Hydro Power Generation Plants
  • Water Treatment
  • Flame Safety Systems
  • Wetlap Machines
  • Access Control Systems
  • On & Off Machine Coaters/Treaters
  • Batch Process Chemical Makeup Systems
  • Plastics Presses
  • Evaporators
  • Reactors
  • Bottling & Packaging Lines
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Boiler Combustion Control
  • Paper Machines Digesters & Pulpers
  • Continous Process Chemical Makeup Systems