Modicon Quantum Modicon PLC's & CPU's

The Modicon Quantum system is designed for real time control in industrial and manufacturing applications in a modular, expandable architecture with an eleven digit part numbers generally starting with a 140.

Modicon Compact Modicon CPUs & Communications

Modicon's Compact Programmable Controllers bring the high performance, application flexibility, and programming compatibility of the 984 family to the small controller market.

Modicon TSX CPUs & Input-Output Modules

With TSX's accuracy, flexibility and increased productivity, you have a real partner at the heart of the machine. A remarkable low-cost response to market constraints, TSX offers machine manufacturers and End Users the diversity and the modularity required to maximise their expertise.

Modicon HMI Adapters, Industrial PCs, Panels & Controllers

Modicon Magelis HMIs are the world’s most popular family of human machine interfaces. And they got that way by meeting the unique needs of a global customer base that relies on them to present a clear picture of their business, application and machine performance on a daily basis.