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HMI Description Stock Level
XBTZG64Protective Sheets for XBT GT4230 / GT43*0Call
XBTZG65Protective Sheets for XBT GT53*0 / GT54*0Call
XBTZG66Protective Sheets for XBT GT5230 / GT63*0Call
XBTZG68Protective Sheets for XBT GK2**0 / GH2460Call
XBTZG69Protective Sheets for XBT GK5330Call
XBTZG70Plastic Protective Covers for XBT GT2***Call
XBTZG71Plastic Protective Covers for XBT GT53**Call
XBTZG909Adaptor for XBT GT2**0, GTW, GK, HMI GTOCall
XBTZG9199-pin to 25-pin RS-232C Conversion CableCall
XBTZG9292Cable-gateway for Siemens Profibus/MPICall
XBTZG935USB Transfer CableCall
XBTZG939RJ45 to D-Sub 25-pin Conversion CableCall
XBTZG949Terminal Block Conversion AdaptorCall
XBTZG9721Siemens PLC Connection CableCall
XBTZG9722RS-422 CableCall
XBTZG9731RS-232C CableCall
XBTZG9740Omron PLC SYSMAC Link CableCall
XBTZG9772Mitsubishi PLC Q-Series Link CableCall
XBTZG9773Mitsubishi PLC A-Series Connection CableCall
XBTZG9774Mitsubishi PLC Q-Series Connection CableCall
XBTZG9775Mitsubishi PLC FX-Series Connection CableCall
XBTZG97782 Port Adaptor CableCall
XBTZG979Mitsubishi PLC A, QnA, FX Series 2 Port Adaptor IICall
XBTZGABE1Discrete I/O Connecting Cable for 3.8 HMI ControllerCall
XBTZGABE2Discrete I/O Connecting Cable for 5.7 HMI ControllerCall
XBTZGADTAdaptor for Compact Flash CardCall
XBTZGAUXAuxiliary ConnectorCall
XBTZGCANMCANopen Module for Advanced Panel w/ ControlCall
XBTZGCCANCANopen Module for HMI ControllerCall
XBTZGCLP1USB Fastenings for XBT GT1**0 / 2**0 / 4**0Call
XBTZGCLP2USB Fastenings for XBT GT1**5 / 5**0 / 6**0 / 7**0Call
XBTZGCNCExtension Connector ProtectionCall
XBTZGCO1Mechanical Adaptor for Substitution of Magelis Range TerminalCall
XBTZGCO2Mechanical Adaptor for Substitution of Magelis Range TerminalCall
XBTZGCO3Mechanical Adaptor for Substitution of Magelis Range TerminalCall
XBTZGCO4Mechanical Adaptor for Substitution of Magelis Range TerminalCall
XBTZGCOM1COM Port Conversion AdaptorCall
XBTZGCOM2Online AdaptorCall
XBTZGESGDEmergency Stop Button ProtectionCall
XBTZGFIXFixing Kit for XBT GT TerminalsCall
XBTZGHSTPHand Strap for XBT GHCall
XBTZGI232RS-232C Isolation UnitCall
XBTZGI485RS-485 Isolation UnitCall
XBTZGJBOXJunction Box for XBTGH Advanced Hand-Held PanelCall
XBTZGM128128 MB Compact Flash Memory CardCall
XBTZGM256256 MB Compact Flash Memory CardCall
XBTZGNSTPNeck Strap for ZBT GH Hand-held TerminalCall
XBTZGPWS1Power Supply ConnectorCall
XBTZGPWS2Power Supply ConnectorCall