Modicon Quantum Series – Frequently Asked Questions Part I

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Modicon Quantum Series

Modicon Quantum Series

FAQs Part I

What is the adapter part number to connect a Quantum with a RJ45 serial port to a TSXCUSB232?

The part number is 110XCA20300 or you can use the 110XCA28202.

What does BATL displayed on the Unity Quantum LCD panel indicate?

This would indicate that the battery is either low or disconnected altogether. The front LCD panel cover slides straight up vertically from the silk screened triangle to expose the battery.

Does Modsoft support the Quantum 140NOA62200 Interbus-S module?

Modsoft does not support the 140NOA62200 module and there are no plans to enhance Modsoft to support this module.

What does a Unity Quantum “Dead error 405 81” indicate?

Dead error 405 means “time out waiting for Modbus Plus”
Sub code 81 means “Prom Checksum error”
During operation the MB+ processor periodically performs self tests. This error means that the computed checksum was bad.

What is the memory consumption in the new Quantum Ethernet I/O system for Ethernet distributed I/O?

1400 Input bytes per drop and 1400 Output bytes per drop.

Are the Quantum Interbus S modules supported in Unity Pro?

No. The 140NOA6xxxx modules are not supported in Unity Pro

How can I update I/O data faster than normal scan time solve in Quantum and high end Compact (PC-E984-258/265/275/285) Controllers?

984 Ladder Logic has a Immediate I/O (IMIO) Instruction which will interrupt the PLC scan and give immediate access to I/O. When the instruction is solved, the IMIO will take information from an input module and place into the State Ram or It can take information from the State Ram and transfer the data to an output module. This happens within the scan compared to a normal solve of read inputs per the segment scheduler and write outputs per the segment scheduler.

What are the 2 methods of sending register data from a Quantum PLC to an Altivar ATV66 drive using modbus plus?

Either masterblocks or peercop will work

Which Quantum PLCs are supported in Unity Software?

The following PLCs are supported:
*These two controllers require a new Exec file to function with Unity

What could cause my Quantum NOE Ethernet module Active light not to come on?

There could be many reasons for this but the most common is because the NOE module is not powering up correctly. The active light is an indication the module is powered up correctly and is connected to the back plain. You should try this NOE in another rack or an un-configured slot on the rack. If you have more then one Network option modules then remove all but the NOE in question. If this active Light does not illuminate then you will not be able to assign an IP address to the NOE.

Does the 140AVI03000 Quantum Analog Input module provide loop power when wired for current ?

No, the loop power would have to be provided externally as the 140AVI03000 does not supply it.

How can you access the Unity Quantum (140CPU6x) Stop Code using the front panel?

To access the PLC Stop code from the front panel of the CPU:

1: Press ESC
2 Press the up arrow key until “System Info” is displayed.
3: Press right arrow key to display CPU Stop Code.

What could cause an OL9-11509 error when uploading from a Quantum PLC using Concept programming software?

This could be due to the 16 bit simulator being turned on. Go to Start -> Programs -> Concept… -> then select ‘Simulator 16-Bit’. If it says ‘Concept-SIM is ON’ simply turn it off. If it says ‘Concept-SIM is OFF’, toggle it ON then OFF before closing the window and trying the upload again.

What is the maximum number of input and output words allowed on the local Quantum drop when programming with Unity?

There are no limits to the number of input words and/or output words on the local drop. The only limitation will be the number of available module slots in the backplane.

Does the Quantum 140NRP95400 Fiber Optic Repeater Module require software configuration?

No, the 140NRP95400 Fiber Optic Repeater Module doesn’t require any software or parameter configuration.

When ordering a Quantum power supply, does the connector have to be ordered separately ?

No, the connector is included with the power supply. However there is an optional IP 20 compliant connector available (140XTS00500), which needs to be ordered separately.

Is it possible to override or change the Memory Protect state of the Quantum PLC through software?

No. The key switch position cannot be changed through software.

What cable do I use for RS232 communication between a Quantum’s DB9 serial port and COM 1 (DB9) of a Magelis XBTGT2xxx and above?

You would need 2 cables – The XBTZ9710 and the XBTZG919 adapter.

Which Quantum PLCs allow the use of an Aux task in Unity?

The 140CPU65150, 140CPU65160, and 140CPU67160 allow the use of Aux tasks numbered 0 thru 3. The 140CPU31110, 140CPU43412A, and 140CPU53414A will only allow the use of a Fast and a Mast task.

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