Modicon PLC Repairs

Modicon PLC has been providing quality repairs on hundreds of Modicon products for years. We provide component-level repairs, and additionally put each repair through rigorous testing procedures by our certified technicians to ensure that they are fully functional.  We restore each of our repaired units to fully remanufactured condition, which drastically lengthens the lifespan of your Modicon unit.

Modicon PLC can repair a variety of Modicon series, including but not limited to Modicon Quantum, Modicon Compact, Modicon TSX, Modicon Premium, Modicon 984, and Modicon Momentum PLCs. Modicon PLC has numerous testing stations for any type of Modicon / AEG / Gould / Telemecanique repair.

Modicon Quantum Repair  Modicon Premium Repair Modicon Compact Repair

Modicon PLC’s repair service provides an industry-leading 2-Year Warranty on all Modicon repairs.

Modicon PLC usually can repair your PLC in a little as 7-10 days, with rush options available as well. We seek to provide pre-priced estimates on all repairs so you know from the get-go how much your repair will cost. If we cannot provide you with an estimate, you can ship your part to us for a 100% free evaluation. Our large stock of replacement Modicon parts and components allows us to give you the best pricing and turnaround in the industry.

With our repair pricing, you can save as much as 75% compared to buying a new Modicon PLC.

For more information or to request a quote, please call 800-466-0649 or email

Schneider Electric Magelis XBTGT2220: Beyond the User Manual

The Magelis XBTGT2220 is a 5.7 inch advanced touchscreen panel from Schneider Electric with a backlit color STN LCD display. The panel uses Vijeo Designer as its software designation, and a Magelis operating system. The CPU RISC processor allows for a frequency of 133 MHz. It has 512 kB of SRAM back up memory and an application memory of 16 MB. There are a number of integrated connection types on the XBTGT2220. These include a USB type A master port for Modicon M340 terminal port communication, a power supply removable screw terminal blcok, a COM2 serial link RJ45 RS485, and a COM1 serial link male.

The XBTGT2220 display contains a number of stellar features. ITt has a range of 4036 colors and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels QVGA. Its touch sensitive zone is 1024 x 1024 on its analog touch panel. It has 8 levels of both brightness and contrast available via the touch-panel. Its back-light lifespan is roughly 75,000 hours. If your unit has been in use for longer, you may want to consider replacing it. If the local LED on the unit is signaling orange, then the backlighting on the unit is faulty.

The XBTGT2220 uses a 24V DC power supply from an external source. Its supply voltage should be kept in between 19.2 to 28.8 volts. Its inrush current is less than or equal to 30 amps, and its power consumption is 26 watts.

If you are planning on mounting your XBTGT2220 in a new space, its width is 167.5 mm, its height is 135 mm, and its depth is 59.5 mm. The product weighs precisely 1 kg.

If you would like more information or a replacement, please visit our XBTGT2220 product page. You can also email or call 800-466-0649. Modicon PLC stocks both new and refurbished units.



Modicon 140DAI55300: Beyond the User Manual

The Modicon 140DAI55300 is a Discrete Input Module in the Quantum series with 32 discrete inputs and 4 groups of channels. The module requires a discrete input voltage of 115V AC, a required Bus current of 250 mA, and has an addressing requirement of 2 input words. The module is compatible with Concept, ProWORX 32, and Unity Pro software. The module has an “Active” LED that signals when the module is in operation, and 32 green LEDs that indicate the status of each point. Below is the 140DAI55300 Wiring Diagram.

140DAI55300 Wiring Diagram

140DAI55300 Wiring Diagram


The 140DAI55300 does not have fault detection and no internal fusing. External fusing can be used however at the user’s discretion. Input signals must be sinusoidal with less than 6% TDH and 63 Hz maximum frequency. A typical input impedance should not be used outside the 47 to 63 Hz range. The maximum allowable leakage current from an external device to be recognized as an off condition is 2.1 mA. The absolute continuous maximum input is 132 Vac. At 10 s, the maximum input is 156V AC, and at 1 cycle its maximum input is 200V AC.

All inputs in a group must be from the same phase of the voltage line input. Group to group and input to Bus isolation should each be 1780V AC for 1 minute. The 140DAI55300 has a power dissipation of 10.9 W max. The module has an Off to On minimum response time of 4.9 ms, and its maximum response time for this is 0.75 of the line cycle. Its On to Off minimum response time is 7.3 ms and maximum is 12.3 ms.

Modicon PLC stocks a variety of new and remanufactured 140DAI55300 Input Modules. For more product information or to request a quote, please call 800-466-0649 or email



Modicon Quantum 140CRA31200

The 140CRA31200 is an Ethernet RIO drop adapter in the Modicon Quantum family of PLCs. It is the adapter module located in any Quantum Ethernet I/O installation. A remote I/O drop can be connected directly to the main ring cable or to a sub-ring cable.

It has 3 ports, and two integrated connection types – an Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP Service Port and an Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP Device Network. The 140CRA31200 module exchanges data with the remote I/O head module which is the 140CRP31200.  Output modules are updated with data received from the remote I/O adapter. The input data is then collected and published to the remote I/O head adapter. The protocol used in the exchange is EtherNet/IP. The remote I/O scanner views the module as a remote I/O adapter. The exchanges are deterministic, which means that the time it takes to resolve a remote I/O logic scan is predictable.



Because the 140CRA31200 has 3 external Ehternet ports, it has 3 MAC addresses (but only 1 IP address). two of the Ethernet ports allow implicit I/O exchanges with a remote I/O scanner adapter. An implicit I/O exchange has a maximum frame size of 1,400 bytes. The ports can be implemented alone or in adapter mode. A maximum of 31 140CRA31200 adapter modules can be used in a single Ethernet remote I/O network. Ensure that you carefully plan network topology.

The 140CRa31200 has 4 local signaling LEDs: 1 green for Run, 1 green/red for module status (Mod Status), 1 green/red for network communication status (Net Status), and 1 red for I/O. Its ambient air temperature for operation should be kept to between 0 to 60 °C. If you are storing your module, it should be keep to -40 to 85 °C. The module can comfortably operate at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

If you would like a quote on a replacement module, please call 800-466-0649 or email You can also request a quote from our 140-CRA-312-00 product page.